Wednesday, November 16, 2005

And so... thy blog was born!


And it was so... my will has been done!

I've been sitting back, watching with a detached amusement, as blogs have gradually ebbed into popularity. I say amusement because I started a similar kind of blog on Egroups many years ago, in 2001. Sure, my Egroups blogs swelled and then faded away, and this one probably will, too. But, oh... things have changed... my god, how they have really changed!

Pictures, for one. Having a digital camera makes blogging really fun and fresh. Since I recently acquired a digital camera, blogging was a natural step in the process.

Adding links, too. That makes blogs cool and relevant.

But choosing a standard, a really popular and easy blog site, was a major factor—it seems like every few years, a new standard emerges: LPs, cassettes, CDs, mp3s... I can barely keep up. With any new technology or innovation, there's always this initial vetting and you can gamble with an early choice or wait to see who is victorious. My mom chose Beta over VHS—big mistake. I chose Word over MacWrite—wise decision. So I chose to wait this time until the battle of the blogs was over. Egroups really lost out, especially after they got bought out by Yahoogroups. Oh, I still use Yahoogroups (every day, in fact), but not for blogging. They missed that boat big time.

Archiving of posts was another juicy bite I had to digest without incident; what's the point spending hours of my life writing shite if no one is able to read it years from now? All my posts get emailed to me at home. Niiiiiiice.

So who knows how long this blog will last? It will be fun, that's for sure. A few things about which I'm likely to opine:

* my flourishing film career
* my upcoming short film, ghoti (pronounced like "fish")
* my 90% CGI feature film, Safe Harbors
* my exceptional wit in highly awkward situations
* my weird spidey-sense that happens every time I think I'm going to cut myself shaving, but then don't because of said spidey-sense
* my adoration for knowing arcane bits of information, especially about the English language, and even more specifically about grammar, and even more specifically about the proper usage of its (along with its common abuse)
* my favorite novel of all time: Perfume: A Story of A Murderer
* my web site:
* my Myspace profile
* my excessively manly head of hair
* my obsessive need to write too often about whatever

Unfortunately, I do have other things to do. So... bye.

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