Saturday, December 10, 2005

On the set of THREADING OVER DARK (Dec. 10th)

Filming movies is a little tedious at times, but every time I see a slate, I get a little gooey inside. Yes, I'm sure that's not a word. Whatever. To propertly log the shots for the edtitor, a script supervisor would have to take copious notes. In the digital age, it's just easier to to take a picture of the slate and then a snapshot of the preview monitor. The guy holding this slate is Scott Chema, whose crotch is almost always directly behind the slate. Scott's crotch has been photographed by accident on more than one occasion.

Today we shot scene 11, the scene where the main character Jeffrey Starken (played here by Marcus Allen) awakens from a coma to become smitten with his bedside nurse Amanda (played here by April Potter).

Lacie Oakley, pictured here giving Starken the full make-up treatment, did a great job. Those scabs looked quite real.

Right click on any of these pics to see larger versions.

And check out the film's web site—they recently added some cool behind the scenes featurettes worth viewing.


MaVeRiCk said...

Is it the picture, or do I look that awkward all the time?

; )

Charr Crail said...

I'm digging your blog. It's a fun read!