Sunday, August 20, 2006

My Birthday Evite Answer Key

Please find below the answer key to my 38th birthday party Evite. All boldface text is a correct answer. Some of you did better than others. And some of you will have trouble getting your calls returned this production cycle.

I'll be bringing...

Correct answers included:

7 layer dip (always a favorite)
Hagen Daaz Macademia Nut Brittle (mmmmmmmm)
Caffrey's, from the tap (tough to come by, as you would have to import it from England)
Natalie Portman (because she is stupendously talented, easy on the eye, and is probably cool to hang with)
Matt Damon (also because he is stupendously talented, easy on the eye, and is probably cool to hang with)
John Mayer (also because he is stupendously talented, easy on the eye, and is probably cool to hang with) (plus he might break out into spontaneous guitar playing)
Hootie (with a voice like that, how can you not want to spend time with the guy?)
Money to fund my first feature film

Preferred party game?
Vollyball (correct!)
Bocce Ball (correct!)
Rock-Paper-Scissors (fast, fun, interactive—correct!)
Croquet (correct, but only as a discussion starter)
Badminton (way fun to play and to watch)
Chess (fun, but not a party game)
Tiddlywinks (um... no)
Table Quarters (maybe)
Slaps (yeah!)

What is Ross' favorite film of all time?
The only correct answer was:
It's a Wonderful Life

Which film could Ross watch over and over?
Trick question—there were numerous correct answers:

The Usual Suspects
The Matrix
The Fifth Element
Ocean's Eleven
The Red Violin

How often does Ross blog per week?
Also, a trick question:

Not on a film shoot: 4-5 per week
On a film shoot: 1 per week

What... is Ross' favorite color?
Taupe ("They say taupe is very soothing." Which movie?)
Polka Dot
Red—NO BLUE! AAAAAAAaaaaaaa (This is, of course, the correct answer.)

Quick, word association—Ross' head?
Balding...oh no you DIHn't! (please remove yourself from the guest list)
Huuuuuuge Martian head (acceptable, but only because my wife has mercilessly teased me about this for years)
That tuft is excellent (Correct! Coined by David Roy, Esq.)
My God... my God... (technically incorrect, but we will accept your answer because you are cute)

BONUS POINTS FOR ORIGINALITY: Dance Floor (Coined by Lucas Ihrig; not included among the answers)

Screenplays have...
1 brad
2 brads (correct)
3 brads

Every stalwart screenwriter knows scripts with 3 brads won't even be used to light a producer's fireplace. The fact that feature film director Curtis Lim answered 3 brads can only be explained by his ironic wit. Nice try, Curty—tou're still getting a SWAG bag at the awards in March.

Number of titles currently on Ross' Netflix queue?
401-450 (The exact number is 445)
OCD (Come on, guys—I'm not that bad, am I???)

Star Wars or Star Trek?
Yes (correct)
Yes (correct)

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