Friday, February 23, 2007

The (image of the) person you're about to see is not real

Albert Finney's 1981 movie Looker tells the story of real models being "sampled" to create a perfect computer generated actor... so perfect that viewers become completely hypnotized when watching. Perfect for commercials. And newscasts. And movies.

The future catches up with a vengeance—the image below is a real actress, but the image is not a picture... it's all computer generated (click on it to enlarge):

Here are the pictures used as reference points (with the bottom left the finished CGI image):

Still don't believe it? Here are the settings in 3dsmax:

This astonishing work and provides a glimpse about the future of digital entertainment. Sure, this image is basically a souped up scan of a real person, but the technology now exists to create computer generated still photos of imaginary actors (Time magazine once combined 100 American faces into one face to give us an idea of what our descendants might look like), then computer generated moving images of imaginary actors... and then Rachael.

Full article about the above photo here.

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