Saturday, May 05, 2007

In Double Dutch

The last six to seven weeks have been preoccupied with pre-production prep for a short I'm directing tomorrow—In Double Dutch, by Meaghan Sinclair. In Double Dutch is a modern noir about a woman being questioned by a nosy cop and the nasty consequences that follow. We're shooting it in 2.85:1 anamorphic, which means it's going to look like Star Wars or The Matrix. With Audio Oasis' Dave Losko doing sound, the final product will look and sound about as pro as you can get without shooting in a studio and spending 40K. Did I forget to mention the actors have been rehearsing since late March? We're graaaaaaavy.

Honestly, I wasn't expecting our short film to get its crew so heavily populated but we've been fortunate to crew up some pretty great people with pre-production lasting so many weeks. I mean, just look at our roll call—

Rob Granados, Lead / Executive Producer / Producer
Meaghan Sinclair, Lead / Executive Producer / Producer
Charlie Holiday, Supporting
Ross Pruden, Director
Raymond Dussault, 1st A.D.
Sean Boncoto, D.P.
Dave Losko, Sound Production Mixer
Jim Munch, 1st A.C. / Key Grip
Cesar Huitron, 2nd Camera
Aimee Mann, Script Supervisor (Actually, that's Aimee CARR, not the singer from Till Tuesday.)
Rob Thomas, Firearms Supervisor
Michelle B., Makeup & Hair (Sadly, she was called away due to a family emergency).
Leslie Goodman, Makeup & Hair Asssitant
Steve Papineau, Behind the Scenes Videographer
Russell Young, Set Photographer
Everett Blix, Associate Producer
Krystal Kashuba, P.A.

I'm not even including our post-production crew, which will be another two or three people. Orson Welles was right—it is easier to be a writer or a painter!

Pictures of the shoot to be posted later this week.

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