Monday, August 20, 2007

USB Stress

It's always fun to see someone come up with, and execute, an idea you had years ago and dismissed because you thought it was more trouble than it was worth. My idea was to have a sturdier button, something you could really beat the crap out of... but could also serve as a delete button! Link.

Sometimes you want something attached to your computer which you can just BEAT THE CRAP OUT OF - and with the USB Stress Button you're actually supposed to! It has three modes, Explosion, Punch-Out and Worksheet, and each button-mash switches it to the next. Explosion mode generates a countdown with a graphic, satisfying explosion; Punch-Out shows a cartoon face and punches the hell out of it; and Worksheet (or "Boss") makes it look like you're actually doing something in Excel (and if you were, that's probably why you've lost your temper, patience and marbles).

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