Saturday, February 02, 2008

Everyone wants to be a Director

Common knowledge:

  1. Everyone wants to make movies.
  2. Everyone wants to be a film director.

Here's the problem:
  1. Films depreciate in value over time, like cars.
  2. Film libraries, however, appreciate over time, like houses.

  1. Film directors are employees.
  2. Film producers are employers.

And as we all know:
  1. Employees are dependent on an income stream.
  2. Employers create, and thus have more control over, income streams.

  1. Film directors make movies.
  2. Film producers own movies.

This is why:
  1. I direct my own movies because it's a life dream.
  2. I own my movies to retain control over how my movies make money.

But don't forget:
  1. We are still in a war over how best to monetize digital entertainment.
  2. As content proliferates across the internet, the rules over digital ownership must adapt.

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