Friday, April 10, 2009

+12 (∆ -3.6)

Three areas where I typically binge: vacation, road trips, and film shoots. And in the last two weeks, I had a road trip, vacation, another road trip... and a film shoot. After all that sated temptation, I was extremely reluctant to step on the scale.

My lowest weight before going on vacation was +12, so I was afraid I'd have jumped back to +16 or higher after the film shoot wrapped. Fortunately, my weight stayed down. Perhaps my months of improved eating habits kicked in; I'm consciously aware I'm eating more fruit than I used to, which always helps. I didn't want to punish myself by not indulging in ice cream or fatty things. I simply had less of them than I used to.

I must admit—I did take my scale on vacation just to remind me not to go hog wild. Obviously, it worked.

This month, I'm aiming for below +10. Because that would be freakin' awesome.

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