Saturday, May 09, 2009

A romantic drama... about chess?

I had a small epiphany last week. I have neglected my writing. Sure, I write reams of stuff, but it's either business plan writing, blogs, IMs, emails, tweets, or Facebook status updates, but for over a year, none of it has been the soul-nourishing fiction writing. I miss that.

So I kick-started a story I've been thinking about this last year. It's a romantic drama set in the world of chess. That might sound pretty boring to some people, but I like to think of it as a sports film in the tradition of Wind. You don't have to know much about sailing to get wrapped up in Wind, and though the rules of chess remain firmly in the realm of the metaphysical, I do have some ideas on how to position chess in a far more appealing setting.

I'm already on page 9 of the first draft, which is 10% of a typical script. Watch this space!

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Jimserac said...

Check out the movie "The Luzhin Defense" (based on a book by Nabokov, "The Defense")

Not at all romantic but the chess play scenes are good.

My own days of intense play are fond memories. Google for Walter Suesman, one of the regulars at the club I used to play back in the 60's.