Saturday, July 18, 2009

Red Letter Day

Can't say much, but today's a big day. After a year of writing and months of pre-production planning, I finally get to direct the pilot webisode for my TV series about the end of the world. We've already lined up the next episode and have two more slotted after that. All different directors, different writers, and different characters. I know the idea is highly scalable because everyone I speak to about it gets excited about their own take on the concept. When we get enough episodes in the can and launch our web site, I'll lay it all out. Until then, I'll be posting production pics from the set on this blog, on Facebook and via Twitter.

Crossing my fingers that all goes well today, especially the air conditioning. Nothing's more miserable than working on a film without functional AC between takes...

1 comment:

Ken said...

Good luck with it all! I'll be looking forward to seeing pics and hearing how it is!