Friday, January 01, 2010

ELWO: Starting with CwF + RtB

Quite late in the site development of, I decided to use it as an experiment in CwF + RtB despite numerous unresolved technical challenges, e.g., I had no storefront, I had no forum to build a community, my login system wasn't yet as sturdy as I wanted. I could have kept the site under wraps until all these obstacles were completely addressed but I felt a January 1 launch was more of a symbolic step, a way to shatter the typical "analysis paralysis" one can succumb to when working all alone, in the dark. Even if the site wasn't totally polished and new, I wanted to get the ball rolling.

In all candor, it hadn't even occurred to me to employ a CwF+RTB approach. I was late to the game in understanding the value of CwF, so I had a very slow realization that this site could use it. I had been planning on selling various scarce goods like apparel and books, so why not?

Connect with Fans

  • Create sturdy Login System
  • Install Forum

Reason to Buy
  • Choose Storefront
  • Create merchandise

My homework was straightforward:
  1. Browse over Techdirt's List of Packages
  2. Read about Techdirt's CwF+RtB experiment
  3. Brush up on Mike Masnick's Grand Unified Theory on The Economics of Free

Next Up: apply the steps listed in the Grand Unified Theory to