Thursday, April 08, 2010

The Cliff

Bad news for you. You're asleep at the wheel—you can't see what's coming. We're not in the car ourselves, but we can see passengers with you; if you crash, they will surely be injured.

But you might also hurt us, or people we know. People look up to you, they're counting on you. What you decide will sway countless others... and you're asleep at the wheel.

We feel we see the world for as it is, and we're well aware the path is foggy. You probably fell asleep because you felt the path would never, and should never, change. Yet the path has changed, and massively. Looking ahead, we think we know—at least in broad terms—where the path will take us all. We can tell a few things for sure and we can see the cliff you're coasting towards. You're smarter than that. You should be awake. You need to be awake. Lives are at stake.

And we try. We try hard every day to get you to see the world as it is despite how you wish it might otherwise be. We also desperately wish the path weren't so foggy... but it is. If you were awake, and lucid, you'd see things as they actually are, not through the lens of how things have been or should be.

If you want to drive off that cliff, asleep at the wheel, we've given you fair warning. Still, we can't stop pestering you because our very humanity does not permit us to stand idly by and watch others needlessly spiral into oblivion.

The path has changed. It's not going back and will never go back to how it used to be. Accept it. Wake up and veer away from disaster.

As for us, we're also going off the cliff... but we're not going in a car.

We're going on a hang glider.

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