Friday, April 21, 2006

GHOTI: Principal Wrapped!

Today Max, I, and Brian Quigley got together to shoot the last bits of major principal photography for the trailer for Ghoti (pronounced like "fish"). When we shot last, everyone was on set except for Brian, who had scheduling issues as the last minute. It wasn't a huge problem... except that Brian's only scene was with Rob, and scheduling issues tend to make shooting problematic.

If there's one lesson I've learned, it's this: if you have the camera (which in this case was almost physically attached to my producer, Max) in the same location as your actors, special props, difficult sets, or unique costumes, shoot as much as you can while your window is still open. Which is why, last time, we shot Rob & Brian's scene anyway, but only with Rob. We even did an OTS (over the shoulder) of Rob from Brian's side of the room. If that OTS shot gets into the trailer, you can boast that you read it here first: Brian's body double was me.

I'm really happy with what we shot and if I can stitch in some killer special effects and titles, and run it through Magic Bullet to make it look like film and give it a cinematic letterbox, then the trailer will really kick ass. Expect to see the finished trailer as a permanent You Tube installment on Myspace!

The next steps are editing the footage together, doing some 3D modeling work for the FX shots, and then rendering animations and designing the titles. Finally, scoring and tweaking the final cut. Watch this space to keep in the know!

And just so's you know...

I'm out of town on holiday for about a week, so I'm holding off on posting for the rest of this month. Next month, however, I have some... "special" stuff planned for this blog, so please check back then. I had planned to roll out my swanky new category sidebar in May (you can see the new Javascript-enabled sidebar on the right in its unfinished state), but my post about Cassidy's birthday prematurely set off that trip wire. I'll aim to have the sidebar 100% functional by May 1st so you can browse all my posts in a more civilized manner.

Without further ado, this coming Monday, I plan to be sipping boat drinks, napping in deckchairs, and finally reading Cold Skin.

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Stefano Capone said...

Hey Buddy! I really enjoyed reading this, and I'll look forward to reading more. Enjoy your holiday, as well as your book ;-)