Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Happy 30th Cassidy!

Cassidy's my marketing genius. She used to work upstairs from me when I was at an ad agency in San Francisco. The thing I really cherish about Cassidy and all her friends is their immeasurable ability to laugh. Just watching at Sarah C. or Sarah A. or Jessie or Rufus smile and sing and dance around... shit, you can't help but feel bubbbb-lay inside. I love em all. I only wish they didn't all live in the bay.

This weekend, Sarah turned 30. Which is a major to-do for Cass and her urban tribe. I see myself as the blessed one because Cassidy now lives in Sacred Tomatoes, meaning the party was just down the street. Being my evil partner in film crime, I figured Cassidy has earned the right to own her own set of sharks with laser beams now. Muhahahahahaha.

And really, what 30th birthday party would be complete without a male stripper dressed as a cop? I'd post the other pictures of the stripper here, but honestly—I'm emotionally scarred. You think I joke. I not joke. I emotionally scarred. It wasn't watching Cassidy being stripper-fied that did it, but being compelled to watch the other ladies who volunteered... Cassidy's mom even got some action. Yeah, I'm telling you. I guess all tribes have their own rites of passage.

Happy 30th, girl. Let's rock this town!

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