Wednesday, June 28, 2006


About a year ago, I finally made the switch from OS 9 to OS X. I still don't fully understand how OS X manages its files, and I'm fairly anal when it comes to organization (if I ever get around to it), so about 2 months ago, I tried moving stuff around and somehow deleted all my bookmarks, all my RSS feed sites on Newsburner... I still don't know exactly why.

About 3 days ago, I remembered I used to subscribe to Advertising for Peanuts. And today I remembered why I used to love loooking at that site: today's gem is really funny to me because I happened to know a guy who could flick beer bottles caps with fatal accuracy. How he learned that dubious talent insinuates a huge amount of his life was around beer. Mastering quarters is in that same league.

Thanks to AFP, I present you with Quarters... Click here to watch.

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