Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Something In The Clearing Premiere!

Sometimes all the blood, sweat, tears is worthwhile when you finally see the film you've worked on printed on a movie ticket. I dedicated 2 weeks in December last year and 2 weeks in January to making sure Something In The Clearing was not filled with major gaffes in set design, mismatched costumes, off-kilter eyelines, bad body movement... it's a mammoth task. As such, you need to have an elephant memory and be very trigger happy with a camera, so I guess it's no surprise that I snapped over 3,500 pictures during the shoot. More than once, a panicked person would come to me with a continuity disaster, and I can recall struggling to keep my calm while the terror of letting things spiral out of control was tantalizingly near. Sometimes the unrelenting mental exertion required was crushing; many nights towards the end of the shoot I simply drove home, fell into bed, and got up the next morning to immediately repeat the cycle. When you're that tired, you begin to question why you aren't charging $1000/hour...

...and then you buy the ticket, hold it in your hand, see Something In The Clearing's movie poster hanging next to other indie flicks... and you think, yeah, this rocks. Sure, I didn't write or direct this particular film, but I know it intimately, every frame. So in part, Something In The Clearing is my baby, too.

You can only imagine, then, how proud I was to receive the long-awaited premiere invitation in the mail. It's like getting an invite to a wedding, or a Christening. (Given that it's is a Christian film, it seems fitting to call it a Christening.) You know the date is coming, but you forget all about it... and then, wammo.

Truth be told, it's nerve-wracking to go to premieres. Way fun, but a lot like silly putty in the stomach. Still, I get to see my name on the screen as Script Supervisor, so life is good.

Premiere at 7PM tonight. After-party at 9PM. Pictures to come!

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JanieJane4 said...

Ars Gratis Artis, my friend. Art: it's everyone's baby.