Monday, September 25, 2006

One Dumb Dog (And Some Funny Cats)

These videos always always make me laugh. But here's a puzzler, Batman: my wife has a notoriously low-key sense of humor (if she laughs twice and slaps her knee three times, she's really enjoying herself), and zero sense of humor when it comes to slapstick comedy. Why, then, does slapstick comedy by animals other than humans make her laugh so hard that she cries? If anyone can tell me, I can finally stop going to that support group on Wednesday nights and resume my LAN party gaming.

I love dogs. But this dog is extremely dumb and/or insane. I guess that's part of the reason why I love dogs. And what is it with dogs protecting bones? As a joke one Christmas, I gave my family's puny Yorkshire Terrier a foot long bone and almost knocked over the tree trying to pry it back out of her mouth. You haven't lived until you've seen a dog only somewhat successfully drag a bone equal to their own body weight.

There are a few in here which get me every time: the black kitten jumping onto the table (0:42) because the payoff is so unexpected; the white kitten walking on the dresser (0:50) because you couldn't pay an actor to do comedy that funny; the black cat jumping on the wall (1:11)... I just picture his surprised face as he slides down the wall; and then my all-time favorite: the white cat jumping on the kitchen bar (1:15)—cats don't usually see the slippery surfaces and grasping a heavy toaster on the way down probably doesn't help matters. This is like one of those Road Runner moments where the anvil magically positions itself over the falling cayote.

These aren't as good as the previous clips, but they're still amusing.

Okay, seriously—what's up with the kitty high fiving? And check out the kitty at 0:44... he had to have been hungry!

These clips aren't funny as much as they are about cats being cats. Which is still funny.

This reminds me of the Lylebird, which can mimick any sound. The Lylebird isn't as funny, though. Oh Long Johnson. Why I eyes ya...

I can't tell if I'm amused or disturbed.


Anonymous said...

This is some seriously low comedy, but that doesn't stop it from being comedy. I refuse to feel dumb for laughing.

I think you mean the lyrebird, by the way. Named after the musical instrument the lyre, not some guy named Lyle.

By the way, I found out I have an IMDB entry already from my work on Amazon Fishbowl. Go me:


Ross Pruden said...

Damn it! You totally beat me to it. I was actually leading up to post that clip myself about the lyrebird. My wife and I saw that program years ago and were completely awestruck when it perfectly imitated a camara's auto-rewind.

And a big Holla! to you for your IMDB entry. Tha'ts a red letter day in this branch of the compound!

P.S. I'm a little numb inside after seeing you use two hyphens instead of an em dash. I checked my pulse, though. I'm okay.