Monday, January 14, 2008

Best of the Web—22 sites

I don't mean these are the best ever, but they are the sites I use the most. If you visit a site frequently, add it in the comments!

Best search engine: Google
Best way to find free stuff locally: Craigslist
Best all-around news: CNN
Best movie ratings: Rotten Tomatoes
Best way to find a local service or place to eat: Yahoo Yellow Pages
Best movie database: The Internet Movie Data Base
Best movie rental service: Netflix
Best encyclopedia: Wikipedia
Best bookseller: Amazon
Best discount bookseller
Best video fix: Videosift
Most entertaining blog: Oopsie Daisy
Best screenwriting blog:
Best newsreader: Google Reader
Best dictionary: Merriam Webster
Best way to get directions: Yahoo Maps
Best way to remember something: Oh, Don't Forget
Best photo gallery for mac users: Picassa
Best gossip: The Superficial
Best way to send money: Paypal
Best way to read the classics: The Daily Lit
Best Mac utility for getting things done: Taskpaper

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