Sunday, January 20, 2008

CLOVERFIELD: Mini-review

Given my mouthy publicity of Cloverfield, a film I had not yet seen, a lot of people have been after me to review it. While I'd love to write a more comprehensive review, I can't at this moment. What I will say is this:

Go see it.

It's worth all the money I paid to see it... and I'm going to see it again this week. Sure, it has flaws tied mostly to the medium of shooting an entire film from a consumer's video camera. I certainly wouldn't see in the front 10 rows and if I got motion sickness easily... well, I'd think twice about going. But overall, it's a thrill ride not to be missed.

And if you can see it on a Digital Light Projector, even better.

Watch this space for a longer review.

Post Scriptum: Opening weekend gross so far is $41 million—it cost $25 million.

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