Friday, March 07, 2008

Death of a President

Below is a fictional documentary made in 2006 about the assassination of President George W. Bush, and its ugly aftermath. I post this now because the race to the White House has been so prominent in the news, but also because Bush is still in office and that lends more impact to the documentary. Warning: this faux documentary clocks in at 90 minutes, so set aside some time to download it and watch it in full—it's worth watching.

I remember when Reagan was shot and how it affected the country, but I've never considered how an assassination of an American President would be reported in today's world, and what implications such an event would have on civil liberties and racial profiling. One can only hope nothing like this will ever happen... nevertheless, this documentary is an exquisite imitation of a British documentary should a nightmare scenario such as this ever come to pass.

After you watch it, you can read the wiki about it here.

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