Friday, April 18, 2008

My Shortest Apposition, Day 3

Josh and I shot the B roll for My Shortest Apposition on Wednesday and I'm very happy with the footage. I still need to massage the stills into black & white, give them a white border on the printouts at Long's Drugs (with their supercoolio self-use photo machine), put the pics in a photo album, then shoot them on video.

I also have to shoot the credits with Zoë, but on Wednesday, she had her Chicken Pox vaccinations and they told us she'd be woozy for a couple of days, so Josh and I decided to punt it; thankfully, the bulk of the work had already been done, since the B roll footage had to be shot by someone other than me, since I was in most of the shots. [For posterity: I will never star in my own film again—it's one too many hats and frustratingly time-consuming; the only reason I did it this time was because the film is about me and Zoë.]

But the good news is, the crayon title credits are 95% finished. Josh took a peek at them yesterday and loved them... I can't wait to put this sucker to bed because with music and credits and everything, it should look pretty swanky. This started out as a simple project for Hans and me (yes, "Hans and me" is correct) to horse around with 16mm, but I never seem to do anything half-cocked: the end result has been 1000% better than I anticipated.

And then there's the silliness on set, which is always fun:

I am Key Man! I can kill you with a single key!

Tracie and I go down to L.A. next week, so hopefully I'll have a rough cut to show Hans by then. Stay tuned.

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