Thursday, April 17, 2008


I missed this blog the first time around, but my Google Alerts just let me know that—apparently—I invented something called "PACBF":

Meaghan and I casted ourselves as the leads opposite each other [for short film In Dutch] and we were coached in numerous rehearsals by Ross. Ross was fantastic with both of us and was a true actor's dream. Both Meaghan and I started our rehearsals according to Ross at a number 2 in the scale of "Pruden's Acting Compass Believability Factor", otherwise known as "PACBF". Meaghan and I had to get past our humerous friendship and dig deep within each other to induce the PACBF. We rehearsed normally twice a week for two months. At the same time Meaghan and I funded our movie together and Co-Produced it. At the end of the rehearsals, we had passed the PACBF and Ross gave his stamp of approval with a number 10.... Our crew was assembled in the two months that we rehearsed and we were very fortunate to find very hard working and knowledgeable, outrageously, friendly, caring, and considerate people to help us.

PACBF t-shirts will be sold via Cafe Press.

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