Tuesday, July 08, 2008

26 Words... and Counting

Not including any sign language she's picked up, my daughter has amassed an impressive vocabulary thus far. We can't be sure, but "Uh-oh" may have been the first word she ever learned. That must mean something, although I'm not sure what, and I'm even less sure I want to know.

We're also pretty sure she learned "elbow" last night... but then she points to the cat and says "elbow", so who knows.

  1. Mama
  2. Dada
  3. Baba (bottle)
  4. Up
  5. Dau (down)
  6. Thath (that)
  7. Thith (this)
  8. Papa (i.e., Grandpapa)
  9. Puppy
  10. Rara (Raja, our cat)
  11. Sta (Star)
  12. Baa (Bear)
  13. Truck
  14. Caa (Car)
  15. Hi
  16. Bye
  17. Wawa (Water)
  18. Babth (Bath)
  19. Bau (Ball)
  20. Books
  21. Wow
  22. Ow
  23. Rath (Rat, her stuffed animal)
  24. Yeth (Yes)
  25. Wak (Walk)
  26. Uh-oh

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