Friday, July 11, 2008

O blog! I still love thee!

My poor business partners. I don't think they had any idea what they were in for when they asked a writer to help found a film company... because dude, have my digits been churning out the words!

I also noticed that my blog posts have been dropped substantially, and that's a direct result of spending time starting up a company. All my mental energies have been redirected towards hammering out our business plan and although my inclination is to discuss each step of the plan which would be immensely educational to all, I simply can't; there are too many sensitive issues being discussed. To riff off Maximus, once you post something online, it "echoes throughout eternity".

My emails between my partners have been long, numerous, and thoughtful... perhaps one day when the business is more mature, I'll come back and publish them. The most useful thing I've found in this process is that a lengthy discussion with one's business partners (whether it be verbal or virtual) is surprisingly useful in clarifying a company's goals. Anyone can say, "let's start a film company." But the when, where, how, how much, and why are deceptively difficult to define

What I can tell you about the company is in the broadest of strokes:
1) We are assembling a slate of many narrative feature projects.
2) On average, each film will have a 7 figure budget.
3) Each film will include named talent.
4) Some, if not all, of the projects will have award potential in U.S. and foreign markets.

The most exciting stuff, however, is in developing a competitive distribution plan amid global movie piracy. There are several interesting ideas we're experimenting with... and I'm sitting on my hands not to tell everyone about them all.

Stay tuned.

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