Wednesday, September 09, 2009

0 (∆ -0.6) || 21.8%

Yeah!! I did it: I lost it all. (Pic to come.)

This is the end of a long journey, and I'm sort of shocked I really lost all the weight I set out to—a total of 33.5 pounds since January 19th. I overshot of my original target deadline by two and a half weeks, but given how many years I've been trying to lose weight, who cares!! Over seven months, I lost an average of 0.1 pound/day and 1 pound/week. Sweet.

Currently, I have 21.8% body fat, so I'm aiming to bring that down to under 20%, and then later to around 17%. No deadline for that per se. Just living healthfully now... after seven months, my eating habits have been firmly established, so it shouldn't be too hard to get slimmer and more fit as time goes on.

From this point forward on, I'll be using my body fat percentage as another central indicator of my progress.

No matter what—the race is over, and I won. Huzzah!!!

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