Tuesday, September 01, 2009

+0.6 (∆ -1.2)

It took some extra effort in the last stretch, but I finally dipped under 160 lbs., which technically makes me 25.0 BMI and thus... Normal Weight! Woo hoo!

I should go celebrate by binge drinking all night... or maybe not? Heh heh.

As far as I can tell, since weight can be either muscle or fat—which both fluctuate—the more important measurement than BMI is body fat percentage. When I started this whole program, I was at 28.9% body fat (according to my scale which isn't a highly accurate measurement), which means I was carrying 55.6 pounds of pure fat. Now I'm at 21.9% body fat, which means I'm still carrying around 34.9 lbs of fat, a net loss of 20.6 pounds of fat. According to the BMI, 34.9 lbs of fat is a normal amount of fat, but the BMI is a bit of a hack. According to the American Council on Exercise, body fat percentages break down like this:

So my next goal is to get my body fat percentage below 20%, and then to 17%. I don't have dates for that yet, just whenever I get to them. I have faith now that I'll get to them eventually. If I hit a wall, I might get more regimented in my approach.

Either way, I think I'll celebrate... by losing more weight. Truth be told, when you finally figure out a method that works to shed weight, it's a little addictive. And almost fun.

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