Monday, July 10, 2006

2 Buildings Down From my School!

Today I got this email from my mom:

Ross, huge gas explosion demolished/totalled 20' townhouse @ 32 East 62nd. BROWNING is @ 52 E. 62nd. 2nd Bldg away is Browning. I called Browning. No students expected 2day. Browning is OK & students expected to return 2morrow

Browning is my old high school.

So you can imagine my shock when I look at the CNN home page and find this:

And look at this satellite image—you can see the building totally demolished (click to enlarge it):

Count 2 buildings down and to your right (Southeast) and that's my high school. It appears only 1 person perished, and it may have been someone trying to commit suicide. No students at Browning were harmed, though I'm sure some of the Kindergarteners soiled their pants.

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