Friday, July 21, 2006

Don't be Lost

On October 4th...

...the best series on TV* will be premiering in its third season. I am speaking about J.J. Abrams' magnificent Lost. If you haven't yet seen the first and second seasons, you're in for a treat. Watch them now. No, I'm serious. Stop reading and rent them.**

I am also happy to say that I wrote this email to friends, September 23rd, 2004—nearly two years ago, immediately after viewing Lost's pilot episode:

I'll tell ya, it's going to be a great series—I would wager a crisp $100 bill that this time next year everyone on that show will be famous and it will be ABC's flagship show. J.J. Abrams really knows how to write 'em.

In that tradition, I'll go on the record now: Season 3 promises to be even better and Seasons 4 and 5 will fucking kick ASS. Abrams is still smarting from the lessons he learned on Alias, so I guarantee he'll hammer it all home now. You watch.

October 4th, baby. Yeah.***

* excluding the Sci-Fi remake of Battlestar Gallactica, of course.

** Come on, dude. Stop reading this and go rent it! Jeez.

*** The only sucky thing is that Lost will go off the air from November 15th until mid-Februrary to let Taye Diggs' new show Day Break take Lost's timeslot. The silver lining, however, is that while Lost is on the air, there will be zero repeats. Still, two and a half months off the air? As Mutley used to say, "Raffle ruffle raffle..."


Something's Missing said...

I love LOST, but I hate that big ole break, too. The only cool thing about the reruns is you can catch all the cool stuff the people with TiVo catch the first time around!

And -- we need more about Hurley. Hurley rocks!

Ross Pruden said...

Hurley's one of my all-time favorite characters! In his episode at the airport, he impatiently raps his knuckles on the counter and I just about peed myself laughing so hard. Great actor, and great character.

Anonymous said...

How can we rent it when it isn't available yet? --Dave

Ross Pruden said...

Ah, excellent point—Season 1 was released on DVD before Season 2 started, so I am assuming they will do the same for Season 2 before Season 3 starts.

Unless they want to be dicks about it. Which I could see happening. Raffle ruffle raffle.

Ross Pruden said...

Also, for $35 you can buy all of Season 2 on iTunes. Yes, it's pixelated, but even I—a harsh puritan who won't watch anything full screen if it's been shot wide screen—don't care.

Pay the money to Apple. Watch Season 2!