Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Arousal, Draft #1: Divine Will

Any writer must know what I'm talking about—you live with your story 24/7, you get to know all the characters, you go to sleep dreaming about each different scenario, you spend months plotting the story... and then one day you decide it's time to start writing even if you haven't completed the intermediary steps and it comes pouring out like quicksilver.

Tonight I wrote 8.5 pages of the first draft of Arousal in less than an hour. For an anal-retentive uber-perfectionist OCD freakazoid like me, that's practically divine will.

Fortunately, the first draft isn't scheduled to be completed until my birthday, August 21st, but at this rate, I'll have finished it in under a week. Good thing I have friends in town to distract me.


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