Friday, February 24, 2006

Apsen. Most Extreme.

I have no idea when I'm going to ever going to get around to seeing Aspen Extreme, but this post is for Daisy, who was just cool enough to blog about one of my all-time favorite romantic films (and one of my father's all-time favorite romantic films), The Cutting Edge. (For the record, my other two favorite romantic films are Wind and Strictly Ballroom. Oh, and If Lucy Fell. Shit, that's not two. Ah, why not throw Armageddon on up in there? That scene when Liv Tyler puts her hand on the screen... ach, I get verklempt. Wait, that's not romantic love per se... Okay, if we must, I choose to switch out Armageddon for When Harry Met Sally. There, those are my four favorite romantic films. Oooooo, but then there's Serendipity...)

Why, you must be asking, am I tittering on about cinematic guilty pleasures? Newsflash: while I never can bring myself to put money in paparazzis' pockets to be celebrity stalkers, I'll still discretely peruse US Weekly if there happens to be an old issue laying around at my Dentist's office. I mean, come on, that why I always arrive early! (But, um, exactly how did I miss Elton John's wedding? And what the hell was Posh (Mrs.) Beckham wearing??? Egads. This is a wedding, dear, not a concert.)

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daisy said...

Okay, but for the record - "Strictly Ballroom" is #4 in my queue. At #323, my sequel to Aspen Extreme will be out long before you even see the original!