Thursday, February 23, 2006

Into The Spider Hole

My mom leaves me funny messages whenever I get into one of my deep writing spells: "Where are you? Are you still alive??? Call me!" I call it being off the radar, but it's more like going into a tunnel or crawling into a spider hole. I mention this now because it's time to take a break from blogging for a stretch. When I have another lull in my schedule (in about a month or so), I'll start up again, but all my spare time now is focused on not one, but three projects:

Ghoti—currently written out as a 45 minute film, but likely to get expanded for a feature length theatrical release. Replete with special effects, high-tech superspy double-crosses and at least one iteration of, "I copy that".

Arousal—feature film erotic horror idea in synopsis format and intended for theatrical release. Much work has been done this last week and I've even started a daily journal to help track of all my notes about plot decisions, character motivation dillemas, etc. Contingent on the synopsis getting a greenlight from my producer, I should be writing a first draft by April.

Fool's Gold—a new project, and not my own story idea. It's a "buried treasure" narrative by Brian Patrick for whom I'm developing a treatment and feature length script to shoot later this year. Very big budget, too. Intended for theatrical release.

As I said, I have a lot to do. Expect to see me blogging again near the end of March.


Todd Huss said...

Cmon Ross, you could take a break from blogging about as easily as I could stop smoking crack... no wait... that makes me look bad... nevermind!

Ross Pruden said...

Must... resist... fist of death...

I must try! For the love of all things good and pure, I must try!

(You stopped heroin to do crack?. What are you, high? Wait, stupid question.)

(Psst, Katie's a werewolf and I'm the Seer.)