Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Imperial Cough Drops

If Darth Vader had a head cold, how could you tell?

This solitary thought ran through my mind as my wife and I were scanning the aisles for cough drops today at the local co-op. Then I had this image of Darth Vader, the great Sith Lord himself, coughing like my wife, also looking for cough drops. And what if the store were suddenly out of cough drops?

So here's the inside of my head—Darth Vader, standing in front of the cashier, hand outstretched:

I find your lack of cough drops disturbing.

Uh... *choking*... wait! *choking*... we have one... final... pack!

...leave them to me.

Suddenly, I'm laughing hysterically for no apparent reason and my wife thinks I've gone completely bonzo.

Morale of the story: Be careful what you feed your kids; fill their brains up with Star Wars gunk and this is what comes out 30 years later.

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