Thursday, May 18, 2006

The Segway Lite

As an über-geek, my friend Todd posts to a programming blog which appears to be very useful if your brain is the size of a tractor tire and you do coding in UNIX, LINUX, PLASTIX or MARGARITAMIX. Even though I understand only 15% of what he's talking about, I still read his blog on the off chance he'll talk again about his new MacBook Pro. After all, when hard-core PC users switch to a Mac, the sky is, indeed, about to fall.

Back in April, Todd posted this—it's so good, I just had to repost it:

New Segway Dali LE (Light Edition)
I’ve always been intrigued by the original Segway but until recently they were out of my price range. That all changed with the new Segway Dali LE (Light Edition). Here I am enjoying the commute on my new Segway Dali LE which sports the following features:

1. Powered by the EPA approved ultra green Personagy Drive™: no more recharging or running down the batteries.
2. Lighter weight: you can carry it up the stairs now, no need to lock it up on the street where it might get stolen
3. Sturdier: can now safely carry your whole family with the optional platform extender
4. Balance improving technology: the original Segway promoted poor balance by compensating for it
5. Possibly eligible for renewable energy vehicle tax credits (check with your accountant).
6. Degenerative breaking skid plate: just like the original Segway, simply lean back to stop
7. Newly endorsed by the Bush administration and the Homeland Security’s border patrol group
8. Already in use nationally by UPS, Fedex, and Sears home delivery
9. Durability: comes with a lifetime warranty, never-flat tires, and is completely submersible
10. Now available for $49 MSRP at Amazon or for a $7 daily rental fee from U-Haul.

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