Thursday, May 04, 2006


I swear I read the script before the film shoot. I read it cover to cover. And after reading every word, not once did it cross my mind that we'd actually be shooting scene 56 and 57 as written—in a strip club. I can only imagine the trouble I could have gotten into today if my wife had called me during our martini :

T: Hey, babe. Whatcha been doin?
Me: Uhhhhh... work.

T: Yeah? What have you been filming?
Me: Uhhhhh... actors.

T: Where are you shooting it?
Me: Uhhhhh... in a strip club.

T: WHAT???
Me: No, it's cool. I'm getting paid to take continuity pictures of the strippers.

T: You take pictures???? Of the strippers????
Me: Oh, sure. And watch them dance. I have to make sure each shot matches with all the others, don't I? Which means I have to really pay attention to each take.

Script Supervisor—it's the toughest job on set.

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