Tuesday, May 02, 2006


The first day of a shoot is always a little difficult—in addition to making a film, you're also trying to suss out who's easy to work with, who's a pro, who's funny, who's cool, etc. And—seriously—this shoot is exceptional. Everyone is simply the bomb. Some of the crew already know each other pretty well, so they bicker like septuagenarian spouses, but that's par, right? I can already tell it's going to be a great 2 weeks. Now if we can just avoid that Ninth Day Blowout that always seems to happen...

Showed up today at 10:45 AM. Just got home at 2:45 AM. Yeah. Interesting day. Great commute both ways, though.

Also, today was like the Ghosts of Film Sets Past... we needed extras for a big bar scene and between three people on set (whom I had known from other films), we were able to bring in more people I'd seen from other films I'd shot locally. It was like a big family reunion!

Finally: HD cameras are getting ridiculously small. How much smaller can they get before they start to look like a $200 camera? Here's my prediction: in 10 years, not only will HD cameras will be smaller than the palm of your hand, but camera-phones will be able to shoot so much digital video (with sound) that some clever dude will shoot an entire feature with his cell phone and post it online. Could make a fun contest, huh?

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