Friday, February 27, 2009

+19 (∆ -0.2)

Today I noticed that my gym posts progress sheets for everyone working with the gym's trainers. The gym's unit of measurement to track progress—with colored stars, just like in kindergarten—is percentage of body weight lost. I've never seen that as a unit to track weight loss, but I really like it. It tracks progress simply and clearly, and inspires you, too.

Just for fun, I started looking for the person with the highest percentage of weight loss. When I finally found her, I started wondering, how much percentage of weight have I lost... and without a trainer? After some quick math, I discovered I'd lost exactly the same percentage. Awesome!

The gym's personal trainers offer three free sessions and when I finally hit that dreadful plateau, I'll be hitting their trainers for that "last mile" of motivation. Sooner or later, I'll probably have to start doing weights, about which I know almost nothing.

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