Saturday, February 07, 2009

+20.2 (∆ -1.8)

Today's a milestone.

Today, I finally dipped below a weight I haven't been in years. In fact, my weight's coming off a lot faster now than I'd have thought possible and while that's always welcome news, it's also bad news in a sense—if my weight comes off too quickly, then it's that much easier to get discouraged when my weight plateaus later on. For example, even if I were to have stagnant weight for a week, I'd still remain below my average weight loss overall—it just won't feel like it. Because motivation plays such a key role in all this, how one perceives progress is almost more important than the progress itself.

Anyway, I'm just happy that I've lost so much so quickly. Based purely on how successful 19 days of eating less and working out has been, I think I can confidently say my August 21st goal will be met, and likely a lot sooner than that.

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