Monday, February 23, 2009

+20 (∆ +0.2)

For the last two weeks, it feels like I haven't really strayed from my +20 buoy. Up and down, back and forth... it seems like it's not moving at all. I'm working my ass off, quite literally, and apparently getting no results. In a former life, I might be giving up right now by loading up on 11PM snacks.

Fortunately, I expected this going in and have diligently graphed my weight the entire time and today I saw the pattern below. Each data point is my weight for one day and the entire graph represents the last two weeks:

One pattern I see here is that there are two peaks and valleys—the first peak begins about 1/3 of the way from left side of the graph. Another pattern I see is that the second peak is slightly lower than the first, which is a small but clear trend downwards. That miniscule fluctuation reinforces to me that, despite how despondent I might feel for a specific week's weight average, I am still clearly making progress... only in near undetectable ways.

(If you're wondering where I got this graph, I'll be writing about it soon; it's a screen cap from an iPhone app, and one of three apps I use daily to track my food intake, nutrition, calories, body fat, and body mass index, as well as heart rate and cholesterol.)

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