Sunday, February 01, 2009

+24.4 (∆ -1.6)

"Nothing is worth doing unless it can be measured."

Although the above maxim was intended to describe the establishment of smarter business practices, the principle can be applied to practically anything. After all, how can you know how you're doing if you can't measure your progress? Which is why I went hunting for a more accurate weight scale. Long story short, I opted for this swanky $29 body fat scale at Sam's Club:

This scale measures weight in 0.2 lb increments, not 0.5 increments as my current scale does, which makes for a more gratifying experience when I can see I've lost at least 0.2 lbs instead of seeing possible weight loss get rounded off to half-pound increments.

As for its body fat measurement, I was initially skeptical how accurate it could be without using calipers etc., yet—with a small electric pulse sent throughout your body to measure body fat—it has to be more accurate than the internet measurement I took last week, right? I guess we'll see. At least I have another a data point to measure my progress.

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