Wednesday, March 29, 2006

GHOTI: Trailer Pics 2

Here's the second set of pictures from my trailer for my feature film Ghoti. (There's a third set of pics coming later this week or next.) Click to enlarge all photos.

Here I simultaneously sip java and direct up my own personal SWAT Team to storm my house. I wish all Mondays could start like this.
Left to right: Brian Dahl, Mike Sheldon, Adam Neeley, Rob Thomas, Rick Mischke and me. Hey Mike, I need you to look more serious in this shot.

Poor Adam came unshaven to the set and—since no SWAT Team guy would look like that—we had to gave him a masked look. At end of day, he peeled off the mask and was crazy sweating. Never complained once. What a trooper!

These guys look so awesome. Hey... is that Cranium on the bookshelf back there?

Note the proper extended finger as per proper SWAT Team procedure. Never let it be said we don't have realism on my set, damn it.

Here my producer Max sets up a handheld whip pan from Rob in the window above to the storming SWAT team below him. To save time and blaze through our shot list, we used almost no lights, preview monitor or boom (most of the trailer was meant to be MOS or looped in post). And, since this was all video, there was no "cleaning of the gate" or any nonsense like that to slow us down. Max is using his Canon's XL-1 (which is so small, you barely even know he's holding it), the same camera Danny Boyle used for his zombie film, 28 Days Later. I really wanted to use Max's new Glidecam, too, but it hadn't arrived yet. It didn't matter—Max is gifted at holding a steady frame.

Lacie working her makeup magic on Rob. "Make it look like someone really clocked him good," I said. "This is meant to look like an interrogation scene, after all."

And wow, look at that shiner. Nice work, Lacie. By the way, that military coat has "MAXWELL" for the name badge... which is coincidentally my producer's name. Weird how that happens, huh?


Asher said...

So, I assume that you are an independant film-maker since the swat team is breaking into your house, but if this isn't too hard a question to answer, how proffesional are you?

Ross Pruden said...

Even though we're working with no budget for the trailer, we're raising $250,000 for the feature. And next year, I'll be writing and directing a feature film with a budget of $600,000-$750,000. Does that answer your question, Asher?