Sunday, March 05, 2006

Oscar Nominee Ballots

Will it be Crash? Will it be Brokeback Mountain? Will that fat blonde kid who co-starred with Chris O'Donnell in Scent of a Woman finally get an Oscar?

If you, like me, enjoy keeping track of how well you predicted who should win the Academy's Golden Knight*, then you'll absolutely have no choice but to download their sanctioned ballot slip. And the academy is getting more clever each year... this time around, they provided PDF and GIF ballot slips. Super swanky.

I'm taking pictures this year of Joe & Melora's Hi-Def DLP home theatre, a.k.a. The Place Which Must Be Worshipped. Oh, I am beholden.

Remember, the pre-show starts at 4PM Pacific time. Let's hope Cathy Griffen didn't get invited back for "comic" commentary. (Sorry, Kathy, I'm really partial to redheads, but I only watch the pre-show for Joan Rivers or to make my own dress commentary. And for the remote chance to see Marcia Gay Harden in another glam 1940s dress. Which was red.)

* The "Oscar" statuette depicts a golden knight, holding a sword, standing atop a film reel. Come on. That's cool.

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