Tuesday, March 07, 2006

GHOTI Update: A Feature Film!

Two major developments happened tonight:

1) My producer gave me the greenlight to turn Ghoti into a feature film with big budget financing (well, bigger than low budget).
2) We decided to shoot a 3-5 minute trailer to help get the financing.

This is great fucking news for me. What was penned as a simple 12 minute short has mutated into a feature project 80-90 minutes long. My head is a little dizzy. I never expected my first feature to come down the road quite like this... there are supposed to be trumpets, right? At least, multi-colored Tiki Room birds. Or a cake.

We're shooting the three minute trailer two weeks from yesterday (Monday, March 20th) and since we plan on using it just to obtain financing—and not to make money from selling it—there are no issues involving copyright infringement when using company logos or selecting music. The shoot is going to be fast and loose, probably one 12-14 hour day and will likely not even have the same actors as in the feature film—I want the best talent on screen and if that means getting S.A.G. actors, then jam on it!


Anonymous said...

That's great news, Ross! Congratulations


Todd Huss said...

Congratulations Ross, that's exciting news!