Tuesday, January 24, 2006

CHESS: (Don't) Bring out your Queen

Here, on move 19, White chooses to exchange Knights which leaves his Rook unprotected. This leads to his Rook getting captured, and the c2 pawn, plus an exchange of Queens. By move 23, White also misses a King-Rook fork which destroys his last realistic chance to win. Gallantly he strides on for 38 more moves hoping that Black makes a mistake to allow him a pawn promotion or a stalemate, but to no avail.

The seeds of White's doom were planted on move 2 when White boldly brought out his Queen to try a four move checkmate with a Bishop battery. Black decides to teach White a lesson by pushing White's Queen back between his own pieces like a bad pinball game. Instead of using his opening moves to developing his pieces, White instead spends these precious moves struggling to keep his Queen out of harm's way.

View this game online interactively here.

1. e4 e5
2. Qd1h5 Nb8c6
3. Bf1c4 Qd8f6
4. d3 h6
5. g4 g6
6. Qh5h3 Bf8c5
7. Ng1f3 h5
8. gxh5 Rh8xh5
9. Qh3g4 Ng8h6
10. Qg4g3 d6
11. Bc1g5 Bc5xf2
12. Qg3xf2 Rh5xg5
13. Nf3xg5 Qf6xg5
14. h4 Qg5g4
15. Rh1g1 Qg4f4
16. Nb1d2 Bc8g4
17. Rg1f1 Nc6d4
18. Ra1c1 Nd4f3
19. Nd2xf3 Qf4xc1
20. Ke1e2 Qc1xc2
21. Ke2e3 Qc2xf2
22. Rf1xf2 Bg4e6
23. b3 Nh6g4
24. Ke3e2 Ng4xf2
25. Ke2xf2 O-O-O
26. Nf3g5 Be6xc4
27. bxc4 Rd8f8
28. Ng5h7 Rf8h8
29. Nh7f6 Rh8xh4
30. Kf2g3 Rh4f4
31. Nf6d5 Rf4f1
32. a4 c5
33. Nd5e7 Kc8d7
34. Ne7d5 f5
35. Nd5e3 f4
36. Kg3g2 Rf1a1
37. a5 Ra1a2
38. Kg2f3 Ra2xa5
39. Ne3d5 Ra5a3
40. Kf3e2 Kd7e6
41. Nd5c7 Ke6f6
42. Nc7b5 Ra3a2
43. Ke2f3 Kf6e6
44. Nb5c7 Ke6d7
45. Nc7d5 a5
46. Nd5c3 Ra2d2
47. Nc3b5 Rd2xd3
48. Kf3g4 Rd3g3
49. Kg4h4 g5
50. Kh4h5 f3
51. Kh5g6 f2
52. Nb5xd6 f1=Q
53. Nd6f7 Kd7e7
54. Nf7xe5 Qf1f6
55. Kg6h5 Rg3h3
56. Kh5g4 Qf6e6
57. Kg4xg5 Qe6f6
58. Kg5g4 Rh3h6
59. Ne5f3 Rh6g6
60. Nf3g5 Rg6xg5
61. Kg4h4 Qf6h6 0-1

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