Friday, January 06, 2006

Luke Goss on set

You can have brains, you can have good looks, but you won't go far in anything without good manners and Luke Goss has got that in spades. Luke plays the part of Randy in Something In the Clearing, the film I'm doing Script Supervision for these last few weeks. All told, Luke is just a genuinely nice guy. I should be so lucky to work with him again on anything.

Luke first rose to fame in the UK in a pop band called Bros, then saddled into some theatrical and TV work, and finally into films. If you saw last year's The Man with Samuel L. Jackson and Eugene Levy, then you'd recognize Luke as the villain they go up against (pictured at right here). If you saw Blade 2, then you'd have seen him playing Nomak, the main villain. I suppose it's about time that he gets to play a good guy in Something in the Clearing, huh?

A strange thought crossed my mind as I sat in our Video Village, where all the preview monitors and sound equipment are set up: Luke's character's name is Randy... which is strange, because "randy" also happens to be Brit-speak for "horny". This might not be an issue if we weren't trying to market Something In The Clearing to the UK, but we had already started filming so there was little to be done about it. I did breathe a sigh of relief that no other characters in the film were called Fanny. My, that would be very naughty indeed.

I'm not clear who started it, but last night around midnight, everyone in Video Village started mimicking Austin Powers. Do I make you Randy, baby? Do I make you hoooor-ny? Does this speck of dust make you want to shag?

Yes, Luke really is that handsome in real life. And no, he really doesn't make me randy.

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