Saturday, January 21, 2006

My latest obsessions

Netflix: my queue now is at 320 titles. Ludicrious! I'll never be able to watch them all. (Yet it is fun adding them.)

Lost on iTunes: I missed tons of episodes of Lost, but have broken down... opting instead to pay $2 per show to see them on my flatscreen monitor. Way right decision.

Serenity & Firefly: Why why why why did this show go off the air? And what was Joss thinking about Wash?

Nicheflix: I was looking for a classic French short done years ago. Now you can rent multi-region DVDs like Netflix!

Statcounter on Wednesday: why did my blog get 43 hits in one day???

Powerstructure: I am counting the minutes until I'm able to download this awesome little application for writers.

Something In The Clearing IMDB entry: I check every day to see if this film is now in the data base... not because I'm that OCD, but because I personally added this film and am curious to see how long it takes to get info on the IMDB.

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