Sunday, January 22, 2006


Ever since the middle of October, it seems like every spare day has been taken up with some kind of project or social activity. But Theading Over Dark has wrapped, my mother has come to visit for the holidays and left, and only now am I recovering from an overtime-filled 24 day shoot of Something In The Clearing. After a couple days of playing Doom and catching up on emails, I've finally cleared off my desk and desktop to finish writing my film ghoti.

Things have been developing swiftly behind the scenes, too—my producer thinks they may be able to get distribution for ghoti, so I've been waiting for some long, uninterrupted time to just write.

I went around today and unplugged every phone, nailed down every door, stocked up on Ramen and Hot Pockets, brewed five hundred thousand large vats of coffee... yeah, that ought to do it.

Almost forgot: there are some new trailers on the Threading Over Dark site. And the Something In The Clearing web site is up, with new pictures.

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MaVeRiCk said...

Good luck with Ghoti! I'm glad you finally have some time to sit back, eat hot pockets, and do it to it : )