Monday, January 23, 2006

THREADING OVER DARK: Fangoria article

Just heard that the film I worked on last year got an article on Fangoria's web site:

January 23: Final, gruesome THREADING trailer* now on-line

Writer/director G. William Stechman alerted Fango that the final official trailer for his grisly shocker THREADING OVER DARK has been posted at the movie’s official website. The news comes with Stechman’s warning that the trailer* is unrated and intended for mature audiences only, reflecting his uncompromising aims for the serial-killer thriller itself. “This is not a ‘fun’ horror film made to entertain you—this is a film you see once and go home shaking,” Stechman says. “Most horror films make a promise to you—a promise with the audience—that even though the horrible events you are seeing on screen are ‘scary,’ the lead character will escape, that he’ll find the guy responsible for killing his friend at the film’s final frame and seek revenge, and the audience can then breathe a sigh of relief. THREADING breaks every promise it makes to the audience. No one is left untouched. There is no sigh of relief. Horror films need to remember what they ought to be—horrific.”

Editing and scoring of the movie are currently underway, with Stechman anticipating a summer 2006 release. The THREADING site also includes behind-the-scenes video and photo downloads. —Michael Gingold

* Do NOT watch the trailer if you're squeamish about blood and guts!

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