Monday, January 16, 2006

"It's a wrap!" (Something In The Clearing)

The last shot of the day is called a "martini". The last shot of the film is called an "olive".

Tonight was the "olive" for Something In The Clearing, which racks up a total of 24 shooting days, the latter half of which were almost all overtime. We're beat. All of us. I have pictures I'll be posting soon, especially a great one of Scott Cramer, our 2nd A.C., looking like he's fallen asleep on the steps tonight while slating the next-to-last shot at 8:45 PM.

Today saw the wrap of Julie Anchor, Kurt Johnson and Aubrey Harwell. Ah, what a great time we had with them!

My final moments with cast and crew tonight were spent seeing some of our clips cut roughly together. My nemesis—scene 67—was shot over 4 separate shooting days and somehow does not offend so sharply that a layman viewer would ever really know. Besides, we get to color correct in post. Suckas!

Boat drinks all around, baby. I'm taking off the next two weeks to start working on my own films now. Stay tuned for pics and more stories.

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