Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Peniferella Creative... great web site design!

This is a shameless plug for a close friend. A well-deserved plug, nevertheless, but now you know.

My very first impression of Jena Starkes was in the basement offices of 96, rue St. Dominique, Paris, France... headquarters of The Planet, our school newspaper where we forged our cutting journalistic barb. I looked up from my Mac Plus to see Jena do a flawless impression of Butthead from Beavis & Butthead.

Shut up, Beavis.
*insert a guttural pre-pubescent laugh*

And then she did it again, perfectly. And again. Within five minutes, I don't think I ever laughed so hard. That was, oh, almost 17 years ago. (Holy crap, that was almost 17 years ago!)

After college, we kept in touch, then lost contact for a while. By the time she looked me up again in San Francisco in 2000, we had discovered we both had the filmmaking fire. In fact, Jena had already made three short films and was working on her forth. So we collaborated on a 3 minute film of mine, Metronome.

Around that time, Jena began shoring up her web design portfolio and my how well the years have treated her since then. She took the headlong plunge into Flash and it shows. Why, just go see for yourself:

In fact, I recently recommended her to the producers of Something In The Clearing, and they loved her work.

So if you need a cool, original web site design, Jena's your gal. She's a pro, she'll try hard to work within your budget, and (though she might never say so herself) she takes a lot of time to explain things that you don't understand. For that last reason alone, she's worth every dime.

Plus, she's just damned funny.

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